2011-2012 Grades Etc.

Well, just got my grades back from this semester, I figured since I used to share my grades as I got them I would share these as well.

Data Structures A
Discrete Math A-
World Civilizations A-
Calculus 2 B
GPA : 3.59
Cumulative GPA : 3.62

Also, I made the Presidents Honor Roll, something I though only existed in movies and TV shows. I am quite happy with that news.

Havent posted in a while....

My last post was a long time ago, I figured I could keep everyone that is out of contact with me up to date.

I am not doing well. I thought I was okay but I quite simply am not. BUT, I am getting help, I am going to counseling and doing my best to work though the issues I am facing. This is not an easy task. Every day I am faced with things that trouble me, losing friendships, and losing myself. It has been almost a year since the breakup, and I am still not over it. So many deep seeded emotions lay there and I have barely scratched the surface.

I will say a few things about a few things though.

Going fine, some classes are stressful and hard work, but not so hard that I cannot accomplish them. 3.65 GPA last semester and recently received a few scholarship nominations.

Got a job then lost it again. Oh well, shits weak. I really need to find another job soon, but I'm not sure how well that will work along with my depression.

Again, I'm not doing well. Every day is a struggle to smile again, some days it's easy, others it is harder than one could imagine. But, also repeating myself, I am working on this, so bear with me.

I feel like I've been abandoned by people I cared about because I was on the wrong side of to speak. Some simply don't speak to me anymore, others wont even acknowledge my existence. I wish I knew exactly what I did that caused this to happen, because if I am truly at fault for this, then I would like to better myself by knowing what I did wrong.

Of the friends I do still have:
Thank you for sticking with me through this. I cannot do it alone. I know some days I confuse you, anger you, annoy you, and even distrust you. I thank you for understanding that I am sick, mentally ill, and that I am taking steps to get better. To continue my TugOfWar analogy: Thank you for not letting go of the rope and laughing as I fall. Thank you for helping me to my feet, brushing off my knees, and bandaging my wounds.

Besides counseling, I am seeking new things to find enjoyment in. Some new friendships, some new hobbies, and some new interests. I got to pick up sewing again, going to try to play tennis again in the spring, and maybe, just maybe lose some weight.

For those who feel that I am being too -emo-, am just complaining, or simply too young to understand real problems, best you be reminded that I am going through a difficult time in my life and facing challenges that I have not had to face before. Difficult challenges, they may not be to you, but they certainly are to me.

If you have read all the way through this, then thank you for taking a real interest in my life. I know it is not easy to read over someones ramblings when they are sad or upset, but it means a lot to me that you would take the time.

SmartieLion ~ Till next we meet.
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Game Complete

If you want to play my final project for VB, you can download it here:
Bomb Panik ~ 384kb

ALSO, if you find any errors or bugs in the games, please let me know, if you can screen shot it as well that would be extremely helpful.

Weekend Thank Yous.

(im too lazy to link names)

Mighty: Thanks for letting me stay with you, and providing food/transportation, and booze! as well as a cozy bed, and for watching over me. Getting truly drunk with you was great fun, and i look forward to doing it again. I'm sorry for the massive amounts of Rolfing(literally) that ensued last night.

Colin: Thanks for documenting our epic fursuit stroll, as well as welcoming me into your home, you have no idea how truly amazing you are. That you as well, for putting up with me and my Literal rofling, and having a great time finishing off that vuooodka.

Keesh: Comin down on Thursday, and proppin the idea for the best wings Ive had to date. Drinking with you was a blast, and im sorry ya felt like shit the mornin after. Just as well, chillin' those first 5 innings of that game was totally worth it, and thanks for making that first experience a good'n. And friday night was fun as well, though we didn't drink, sitting at watching who's line was quite enjoyable. Thank you.
P.S. Some chick came though my line today at work with creme de menthe, creme de cacao, and vanilla ice cream. i knew what she was up too *wink*

Alphi: The best custard ever, hell yeah! that was a great night, and i really that you for coming along with us. Snuggling with ya -sorta- at the game was really nice too, had a wonderful time. And as for the -surprise- even though i haven't actually obtained it, Thanks much, and i love it :P

Drake: A big thank you for welcoming me into your home, and showing me around, it was wonderful. And yeah, don't sweat it man, the age making fun of thing was all in good fun, it was fun on my part, so *snugs* But thank you for caring, it means a shitload to me. Lets see that video dammit! :P

Hegdish: Just as well for welcoming me into your home, and allowing mighty and I to use your too to change/shower. *snuggles* Was wonderful seeing you again, and i hope too hang with you much more in the future

Evan_Li: Dude, thanks again for the art yo. Was great chilling again, and cant wait to see you again! You defiantly have not seen the last of me! Mwuahahahahaha! Keep doing what your good at, and ill defiantly be keeping up on your comic, you've got a fan and friend in me :)

Furball: AROOOOOO! Hey hey! Good times as always man, zoomin around and creating a fun atmosphere is what it's all about. You are so frikin sweet, and cant wait to chill with you again.

Midwest: Great seeing you again, although we didn't get to talk much, its great to know that your still doing awesome. and i think i may have touched your left boob when i hugged you, if I did, Sorry!

Bacon: Wonderful to see you as well, didn't get to chat much either, but still having you around is good enough for me, *many hugs and such* And thanks as well for the relay hug from thumper :)

Scott(Fringe): Again, didn't get to chat much, but you are still frikin awesome as usual :)

Geemo(sp?) and Seth : I barely met you guys, but you are cool in my books, looking forward to further interaction from the two of you

Till Next we meet, Rock Rock on, and as Always:
D F T B A !
o o o e w
n r e
t g s
e o
t m

6 degrees of wikipedia

A fun game my friends and i started playing out of bordem in the math resource.

Take ANY Wikipedia article.
Now, choose another, the more unrelated, the more fun :)

Now, using links IN the article(nothing below 'see also' or things like that) and try to get from A to B.

The 3 of us had a race of who could get from "Low Rider" to "Marshmallow" First.

I won :D

Low Rider
Barbecue 1
Party 2
Birthday cake 3
Dessert 4
Candies 5
Marshmallows 6

go try it for yourself!