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Smartie's Ramblings

A Journal Made of AWESOME

18 May 1991
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WEll Hiya!

Ima General Lion Furry kinda guy, just out here having fun in my own little world.

Afraid to add me? Dont be!

In all honesty, im pretty easygoing, and prett easy to be freinds withm all ya gotta do is chat with me and see!

Personal stuffs.
Im 17, 6' tall, 140 lbs.....Red head

Im Gay, and single, but, im not one of those Flagrant gay guys whos all like. OMG RAINBOWS.

I live up in the lonely state of wisconson, but having fun doing it.

In My Freetime, I tend to play DDR, and make stuff with fur.

Ive made a few tails in my time, but yeah, working up to a full fursuit eventually.

Prolly something noone knows about me, but after talking about it with some people, i do practice some psionics.....if you dont know what it is, just ask....>.>

But yeah, thats me. And if you have any questions....Fell completly free to ask, as long as it doesent go along the lines of..:

What are you wearing?
Wanna Yiff?
Wanna be my mate?

Better questions are:

Wanna be freinds?
Do you Take Commissions? (Not yet)
Would you be able to make a video of you doing "_______"?